Everyone welcome

1flow is made for every person who deals with online information. Looks like everybody!

As a professional, no matter your industry, 1flow will help you improving your watch and your research to deliver better results.

As an individual, you'll find it easy as a pie to follow the latest trends in gardening, in new technologies, in sustainable development or in any other passion or cause that matters to you.

Last but not least, 1flow is damn simple to use. No need to be a computer expert. Everybody's welcome!

Long term features

  • Read all your sources in 1flow: blogs, tumblrs, twitter, scoop.it, news and information websites…
  • Archive all the information you read. Forever.
  • Obviously: rate it, tag it, annotate it, classify it, share it, comment it with friends and co-workers inside thematic-driven teams.
  • No more shortened URLs nor “read more” links: read full articles directly in 1flow.
  • Instantly access the information you have highlighted without the need to re-open the full article.

And that's just a sneak peak!

Joining the beta

Very soon you will embark on the Beta version of 1flow.

We'll take care of your every need like a first-class passenger, because we build 1flow for you.

We already have a great flight plan with many awesome features to come, but your feedback and ideas will always be welcomed.

As a reward for having taken part in this journey, you will benefit from unbelievable advantages when we unveil the premium features of 1flow.


1flow is a citizen project, backed by an ambitious manifesto.

If you are a developer, curious or just wishing to contribute a utility project, join us!

You can contribute by installing 1flow for you , by making other discover it, by translating it in another language or by enhancing its source code or its features.

We offer a lot of different opportunies, and we will be delighted to welcome you. #1flow on Freenode is a good start. See you there!